the difference

Greenergy homes are better built than any other new compatible home on the market today. period.

The Greenergy team has spent years in designing and engineering high performance homes that are superior to any other new home offered to public today. Greenergy zero energy homes have a combination of energy efficiency, sustainability, safety, healthy living environment and performance elements that can only be found in our communities and homes.

Some of the Greenergy elements can be found on more expensive homes, but the total combination of all of these elements can only be found in Greenergy homes. Below is a summary of some of these elements and you can view the Greenergy Difference document by clicking here.

  • High performance home design
  • Energy efficiency - No electric bills
  • Renewable energy - Solar system
  • Home automation - High performance
  • Moisture control - Seamless membrane
  • Water heater - Hybrid technology
  • Smart appliances - Efficiency
  • LED Lighting - Energy control
  • Windows - Safety and efficiency
  • Cabinets - Design and comfort
  • Counter tops - High end sustainability
  • Flooring - Non Toxic
  • Water conservation
  • Interior paint - Zero VOC
  • Quality - Third party certified
  • And much more....


EcoVillage Waterset


EcoVillage Waterset is a Net Zero Electric sub-division in a master planned community located in Apollo Beach, FL. This EcoVillage features Net Zero Electric single family homes from 2,300 sq ft to 3,100 sq ft. ENTER WEBSITE

EcoVillage Cypress Trails


EcoVillage Cypress Trails is a new Net Zero Energy townhome project in Tarpon Springs, Florida. These 95 high performance homes are located in a gated community with a 8,000 sq ft clubhouse and pool area. Starting at low 200's. ENTER WEBSITE

EcoVillage Bakersfield


EcoVillage Bakersfield is a gated community in the Bakersfield, CA area. The community consists of 166 single family homes. Starting at mid 200's. ENTER WEBSITE

EcoVillage Dunedin


The first Net Zero Energy High Performance Ecomagination affordable housing project in the world! 25 townhomes located just a stone throw from the Gulf of Mexico in city of Dunedin, FL. Starting at 160's. ENTER WEBSITE

Greenergy Westcliffe Estates


Greenergy Westcliffe Estates consists of 36 single family Net Zero Energy high performance homes. The development is part of a 8,300 acre master planned community in Port St Lucie, FL. Starting at low 400's. ENTER WEBSITE

EcoVillage River Place


EcoVillage River Place consists of 118 villas and townhomes in Port St Lucie, FL. This is a sustainable community featuring one of a kind zero energy homes. ENTER WEBSITE

EcoVillage Kissimmee


EcoVillage Kissimmee is a Zero Energy high performance single family home community in Kissimmee, FL (Orlando). The community consists of 72 homes ranging from 1,575 sq ft to 1,800 sq ft. Starting at high 100's.

EcoVillage Tarpon Springs

This high performance community is located in the heart of historic downtown of Tarpon Springs! It features both zero energy townhomes starting in the high $100's. ENTER WEBSITE

EcoVillage Madeira Beach


EcoVillage Madeira Beach is a Net Zero Energy Villa project in Madeira Beach, Florida. These 7 high performance homes are located across the street from the Gulf of Mexico. Starting at high 300's.

EcoVillage Mezzaluna Springs


EcoVillage Mezzaluna Springs is a community in the beautiful Northwest Florida. It consists of up to 300 homes and a town center and an amphitheater. Starting at high 100's. ENTER WEBSITE

no electric bills

Zero energy home will produce as much, or more, electricity than it consumes in a course of a year.

Greenergy Zero Energy Homes that are built extremely airtight, are highly insulated and utilize highly efficient appliances, heating and lighting, so their energy use is minimal. Once all aspects of the home are made as energy efficient as possible, these villas utilize solar technology to produce sufficient electricity to meet the minimal remaining energy need of the home.

Greenergy homes utilize a whole house engineering systems approach where all elements of the home function in concert resulting in a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating of zero. No electric bills! Our homes are always also certified by an independent third party for a Zero HERS rating guaranteeing the property owner a high performance home as promised by Greenergy.

the homes

Cheaper to buy and cheaper to own. A Greenergy promise.

Greenergy homes are designed and engineered to provide floor plans for all sizes and shapes. What ever your budget is, we have a zero energy high performance home for you.

  • Best use of light and space
  • Focus on energy efficiency
  • And healthy living environment
  • No extra cost!


Greenergy Homes will save you cash every year. Year after year.

What if your high performance Net Zero Energy home sent you and your family on a vacation every year?

These homes are value engineered to provide the homeowners an unprecedented advantage: Spend less money to own the home and more on the family. All this while you get a high performance Net Zero Energy home with the latest technologies available today.

Your home will save you money in many different ways. Most importantly, you will never have to pay for electricity again. When everybody else’s electric costs go up year after year, yours is fixed at ZERO. In addition, you will see substantial savings from lighting, HVAC system, roof, insurance and maintenance. You will put hard cash in your pocket every month.

VIDEO - Greenergy Home saves you money every month!

our partners

Nationally recognized energy efficiency and sustainability partners.

Greenergy is proud to be partners with companies who are leaders in their respective business sectors:

  • GE Ecomagination
  • Solar City
  • Clare Controls
  • Merillat
  • Sherwin Williams

  • Moen
  • Simonton
  • 1st United Bank
  • Lutron
  • Dominus Innovations
  • Pinellas Education Foundation
  • Carrier
  • Cambria
  • And many more

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